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Many transvestites applying make-up for the first time are appalled at the mess they make of it, but there's no need to be discouraged.

The art of using cosmetics has to be learned like every other skill - and if you use your common sense, it's something you can master. Don't be afraid to experiment in the safety of your own home. You will always learn from your mistakes and, unlike say sky diving, if you make a mess of it the first time you can always have another try.

Remember these basic points and you won't go far wrong:

Emphasise your good features

Camouflage your blemishes

Always use good quality cosmetics

If in doubt what suits you, get professional advice

When make-up is really well applied, no one knows you're wearing it. So, the secret of making the most of yourself is discretion. Disguise the fact that you're using foundation or beard cover by taking the extra five minutes to make sure it is well blended in and that there are no edges or abrupt changes of colour showing.


The Nose

Noses tend to shine, and shiny noses draw attention to themselves. Right on the point of the nose, there is an area which needs special attention paying to it. It needs a matt finish, but the colour of that finish must blend in so well with the rest of your make-up that no one knows you've touched. Use your fingers or a cotton wool pad to blend the powder well in and to remove any excess.


The Jaw

Too often, beginners to the art of applying make-up concentrate on the front of their faces, and forget that people look at the rest of their face aswell. Work down from your cheek bone and blend the foundation cream, derma blend or powder down from the highlighted area (right) going under the jaw.

Examine yourself carefully to make sure there are no lines showing where the make-up ends, that there is no excess make-up on your hair, and that you haven't left any make-up on your ears. Either that - or wear a very large wig!


The Eyes

The eyes are considered by many to be the most important - and most attractive - part of the face. Carefully outline the eye with an eye pencil, and discreetly shade the eyelid with eye shadow. Remember not to use an eyeshadow the same colour as your eyes - try for a contrasting shade of the same colour for a superb effect.

If you have light blue eyes, use dark blue eyeshadow; dark brown eyes, use a light tan shadow and if you have green eyes use a contrasting shade of green If you have red eyes, wear sun glasses!



Only use the wand type. Black is best for brunettes, and brown for blondes and redheads. Lightly apply to to bottom lashes. When using mascara on upper lashes, look up and lightly apply it to the undersurface of your lashes - then look downwards and layer the top surface.

Repeat this procedure several times until you achieve the desired thickness.


Eyebrow Tips

The following tips will help you care for and maintain those well-groomed eyebrows:

Generally 'underplay' the eyebrows. Subtlety works best.

Follow the natural shape of the brow.

Never apply colour in heavy, solid lines. Rather, use light, fine, feathery strokes to simulate the natural eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrows should always be a few shades lighter than your hair colour - never darker! When they are darker they look artificial and have a tendency to distract attention from the beauty of your eyes.

Never shave your eyebrows - they will only grow back stronger and more coarse. Use a dipilatory cream instead.

If your brows are a bit flaky or scaly, lubricate them at night with a little vaseline or castor oil.

Beauty tips

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1) Turn lipstick into lip-gloss with a coat of lip balm after applying the colour.

2) Put your lip and eye pencils in the refrigerator before sharpening. They're less likely to break - and you won't waste so much.

3) Double up your lip liner to fill in your lips as well as outlining them.

4) To prevent lipstick getting on your teeth, try this tip: after putting it on, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips and pull it out.

5) Dusting a little loose powder over your lipstick will help it stay put for longer.



6) Eye shadow doubles up as eyeliner, if applied with a cotton bud. Dampen the end of the bud for a more dramatic effect.

7) Use a little green eye shadow on red eyelids to mask the ruddiness.

8) Turn ordinary mascara into the lash-lengthening variety by dusting your eyelashes with a little translucent powder first.

9) Stand a dried-up mascara in a glass of warm water to bring it back to life.

10) If mascara tends to clog on your lower lashes, try using a small thin brush to paint colour onto individual lashes



11) Dried-up nail polish can be revived by stirring in a few drops of polish remover before using.

12) Bubbles of air in the polish ruin its finish. Prevent this by rolling the bottle between the palms of your hands to mix it up before using, rather than shaking it vigorously.

13) Make cheap nail polish last longer by sealing it with a clear top coat.

14) Rub a dab of petroleum jelly around the neck of a new nail polish bottle, and it should be easy to open for the rest of its life.

15) You can dry nail polish very quickly by blasting nails with a cold jet of air from your hair dryer.



16) When plucking your eyebrows, coat the hairs you want to remove with concealer - it will help you visualise exactly the shape of the brow you're after.

17) Use an old clean toothbrush to slick unruly eyebrows into shape.

18) If you find eyebrow tweezing painful, hold an ice cube over the area first to numb the nerve endings before you start.

19) A little foundation lightly rubbed through your eyebrows and brushed through with an old toothbrush will instantly lighten them.

20) If you don't dare shape your eyebrows into a feminine style, at least get rid of the long hairs and those over the bridge of your nose. That's just good male grooming!



21) If you've run out of blusher, dot a little pink lipstick on your cheeks and blend well with your fingertips.

22) Sweep a little loose powder under your eyes when applying dark shades of eye shadow to catch any falling specks and stop them staining your foundation.

23) Always use a cosmetic sponge to apply foundation - using your fingertips can result in an uneven, greasy finish.

24) If you've put on too much blusher, tone it down with a little loose powder over the top until you've reached a shade you're happy with.

25) Keep the plastic seals or paper discs that came with tubs of foundation and replace after each use. It helps prevent air from distributing in the product and bredding bacteria - which means the foundation stays fresh for far longer.

Make up tips

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Make-Up Tips & Tricks

While cosmetics are something that many women can't live without, others like keep it minimal and look natural. Whether you're a young or mature woman, these tips are for those who want accent their finest features and look their best.

Remember, make-up is a great beauty enhancer, but you need to remove it every night and let your skin breathe -- so you don't end up with clogged pores and blemishes. Here you'll find free make-up tips and tricks to give you a stunning look for both casual and formal occasions.



Applying Foundation

  • Use a foundation with a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 to prevent future skin damage.
  • Your foundation should match your face and neck, so don't try it on your hand or arm for color a match.
  • You will probably need a different shade of foundation for each season, so don't use the same one all year long. Blending colors sometimes is the only way to get a perfect match.
  • Don't forget to apply foundation on your eyelids, lips and into your neck for a more natural look. This also is a good setting for eye shadow and lipstick and helps it stay on longer.
  • For clear complexions, sometimes all you need is a tinted moisturizer for a natural look.
  • Liquid foundation is usually water based and is best for dry skin. Use a sponge or your fingers to blend from the nose, out.
  • Liquid foundation can settle and separate, so remember to shake it up before use.
  • Apply loose translucent powder with a large cosmetics brush to "set" your foundation and keep it from running in hot and humid weather.
  • For dry skin, apply a light moisturizer before your foundation.
  • Powder foundation is ideal for oily skin and will help reduce shine.
  • Use a concealer for those nasty blemishes and pat lightly with pressed powder.
  • If your foundation is too heavy, add a couple drops of moisturizer to thin.
  • After applying make up, go outside or near a window to check for blunders.




  • Overly plucked eyebrows look unnatural and make your eyes appear smaller.
  • Use Eye shadow to shape and define your eyes. Three shades are ideal with the darkest on the lid and the lightest just below the brow bone.
  • Neutral tones are the best for daytime.
  • Cream eye shadow is best used sparingly and only in cool weather. It has a tendency to crease. If you prefer the cream look, try a frost powder shadow that has a similar look.
  • Powder eye shadow stays on the longest.
  • Matte eye shadow looks better than frost if you're tired. Frost shadow draws attention to wrinkles.
  • Extend your eye shadow above the lid (crease) and use a light shadow or highlighter right beneath your brow to open up your eyes and make them appear larger.
  • Using an eyelash curler before you apply mascara will shape your lashes and extend them to the fullest potential. To prevent damage, do not hold the curler too close to the roots.
  • Black/Brown mascara and eyeliner flatters most faces, blondes, brunettes, and redheads. Black is usually too harsh, especially for blondes.
  • For extra thick, fuller eyelashes, apply mascara to the top and bottom of your lashes.
  • When applying mascara to your bottom lashes, fold a sheet of toilet paper or tissue underneath the lashes and apply. This keeps mascara from getting on your face.
  • Mascara is best when two coats are applied. Make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second.
  • Use unscented baby wipes to remove eye make-up. Rub lightly.
  • If you use liquid eye liner for a more dramatic effect, practice making straight lines. Crooked eyeliner will ruin your look.
  • Eyeliner on the lower lids can make your eyes appear smaller. To open them up, line only the upper lids.
  • Put your eye pencils in the freezer for a few minutes before sharpening.
  • If your mascara is getting dried out and thick, soak the entire tube (closed tightly) into a glass of hot water. Let cool before applying.
  • Waterproof mascara is a must if you're participating in swimming and outdoor sports. Same goes for emotional events such as weddings and funerals.



  • Keep lips moisturized at night with petroleum jelly or lip balm.
  • Use a lip liner that matches your lipstick.
  • To make thin lips appear larger, apply your liner just outside of your natural lip line. Add a final touch with lip gloss.
  • Apply pressed powder on and around your lips if your lipstick has a tendency to "bleed."
  • If you're blond, avoid dark colors that appear too harsh.
  • Never apply lipstick testers to your lips in a store. It's not hygienic. Try applying it to the back of your wrist instead.
  • Unless your teeth are sparkling white, avoid coral and orange lipsticks. Instead, try red, pink or plum.
  • To avoid getting lipstick on your teeth, after application, run your finger through the middle of your lips and pull it back out. The excess will come off on your finger -- not your teeth.




  • For tan or dark skin, apply bronzing powder to cheeks in lieu of blusher.
  • Pinch your cheeks for an instant glow.
  • Use a medium-sized blush brush to avoid a striping affect.
  • Apply blush from the apple of your cheeks outward, to your forehead and just underneath your jaw.
  • Try peach colored blush for a great sun-kissed look.
  • If you don't wear foundation, try a liquid or crème blush.



General Make-Up Tips & Advice

  • Always use good lighting and a clean mirror.
  • Keep your make-up light in the summer. Heavy foundation will cake and melt off in the summer heat and humidity, leaving you with a streaked look.
  • For proper hygiene, don't use outdated cosmetics, particularly around the eye area and never share your makeup with anyone.
  • Try bronzing powder underneath your cheeks and jawbone to make your face appear slimmer.
  • To make your nose appear smaller, apply bronzing powder carefully down the sides. Add a little shimmer creme or powder down the bridge of your nose.
  • Use Q-tips to blend in any eye shadow that has fallen on your cheeks or face.
  • Clean your make up brushes and applicators often to reduce bacteria and oil.