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Make up tips

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Many transvestites applying make-up for the first time are appalled at the mess they make of it, but there's no need to be discouraged.

The art of using cosmetics has to be learned like every other skill - and if you use your common sense, it's something you can master. Don't be afraid to experiment in the safety of your own home. You will always learn from your mistakes and, unlike say sky diving, if you make a mess of it the first time you can always have ano...

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Beauty tips

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1) Turn lipstick into lip-gloss with a coat of lip balm after applying the colour.

2) Put your lip and eye pencils in the refrigerator before sharpening. They're less likely to break - and you won't waste so much.

3) Double up your lip liner to fill in your lips as well as outlining them.

4) To prevent lipstick getting on your teeth, try this tip: after putting it on, put your finger in your mouth, purse your lips and pull it out.

5) Dusting a little loose ...

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Make up tips

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Make-Up Tips & Tricks

While cosmetics are something that many women can't live without, others like keep it minimal and look natural. Whether you're a young or mature woman, these tips are for those who want accent their finest features and look their best.

Remember, make-up is a great beauty enhancer, but you need to remove it every night and let your skin breathe -- so you don't end up with clogged pores and blemishes. Here you'l...

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